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Toan Luu

local.ch AG
Senior Search Engineer
Toan Vinh Luu obtained his PhD in the domain of Decentralized Information Retrieval Systems from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 2007. After a year working as a PostDoc at the EPFL, he joined local.ch ag, where he has worked in the search team of the company. His main missions at local.ch are making new data source searchable, improving ranking, matching algorithms, exploring different data sources (e.g. user logs, customer data, crawled data), and to transform these into business values and new application features. Since 2014, he is responsible for the search innovation of the company, and has initiated a number of projects, e.g. improve ranking and autosuggestion of local search on mobile devices, based on user context awareness. Toan has worked on various search platforms like Terrier, FAST Search, Lucene, Solr and ElasticSearch.