Josep M. Pujol

Science Director
Josep M. is the Science Director at Cliqz, working on data acquisition, privacy and search. Cliqz is a novel search engine embedded in the browser with a very strong focus on privacy. Cliqz for Firefox (Germany only) has more than 3M users with more than 500K daily active users. In order to build a search-engine and services such as tracking and phishing protection Cliqz needs massive amounts of data, which is collected respecting user's privacy, thanks to a framework that Cliqz has developed called 'Human Web'.

Before Cliqz he was 3scale's CTO, he also worked more than 10 years on academy and research labs like Telefonica Research, University of Michigan. He has published more than 30+ papers presenting at top-tier scientific conferences such as SIGCOMM, WWW, SIGIR, IJCAI. He has also given presentations and invited talks at companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.